This blog is about two best friends spending Sunday afternoons together playing dress-up, taking pictures, and sewing stuff. Enjoy!


Black vs White

We finally interpreted a shoot in the snow! We've been avoiding the coldness and trying to escape to somewhere warmer in our minds, but it's starting to melt away. This weekend is supposed to be gorgeous and warm :)
Anyway, Sofi and I decided to incorporate blacks and whites again like our last shoot. She is wearing a jacket from an Urban sale, black cords, and a black shawl from her dress up box. I am wearing an oversized white T (thrifted), white ruffle skirt from Zara, and another shawl from Sofi's dress up box. Texture and contrast were a key in this shoot and we hope you enjoy!!



Last week we had some cool textures, now here are patterns!I am wearing this sparkly top we found in Tati's closet, a flowered forever 21 high-waisted skirt and some really awesome tights. Plus Tati's mom's necklace. Tati is wearing a great patterned jacket with lots of necklaces. Enjoy!
Tati is wearing a great patterned jacket with lots of necklaces.

Hope you liked :)
Tati, XO
Sofi, -^..^-



Today Tati and I went out to take some pictures, and the sunny weather seemed to be hinting that Spring is on the way!(even though it's still super cold!)

Tati wore a Kiminchi Blu coat from Urban (I bought it on sale for only $20!) and some awesome textured tights with black heels.
I am wearing my Forever 21 buttoned jacket (a resent acquisition that i love!) over Tati's black lacy dress that she's had forever + my Converse. Sorry we've been bad about posting! We did three shoots today and will parcel them out over the week to make it up you you.
Hope you enjoyed!
Tati XO
Sofi -^..^-



In past few weeks Tati and I have received our first two awards! Yay! We are so happy for all the support and blah blah :) I can't wait to do more posts, (Tati had midterms to study for this past week) I just got some new stuff from Urban outfitters... So without further ado, here are the awards.
the Best Blog Award from SOFIE MARIE at One too many wishes
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1. To accept the award, you must post it on your blog with the name of the person who has granted you the award, and a link to their blog.

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1.)A Butterfly by Day
2.)Coco Oco
3.)La Petite Maison
4.)Under Lock and Key
5.)Strawberry Koi Vintage Style
6.)Fascination Drop
7.)Style Bird (She might have already gotten this...)
8.)Little Miss Vintage
9.)The Trendy Fashionista
10.)Zany Style

The second award was from Lia in Strawberry fields
1. Thank who gives you the award:
THANKYOUTHANKYOU! Our first award! If we get big, we will not forget you :)HUGS

2.Mention an author you love:
Suzanne Collins (Sofi)

3.Mention an author you like above others:
Libba Bray (Tati and Sofi)

4. A book you love:
The Hunger Games (Yes, most of the books I love are categorized as "middle school" reading. Kill me.)

5. Something that always thrills you: Finding a great thrift store find for cheap and loving everything about it!:)

6. Something you hate: When someone is talking about one of my friends and I can't find the courage to tell them to stop.

7. Give the award to 7 different blogs:
Most of these blogs are the same as from the last award...

Sofi -^..^- &
Tati XO


“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”- Coco Channel

Hey everyone! For 2010 Sofi and I would like to thank everyone who has followed us and commented! It means so much you have no idea! Today while we were rumbling through my moms closet we found this black skirt with flowers and thought that we had to do a post with it today! We wanted to show some different ways to wear skirts in general. I (Tati) am wearing the skirt over a lace dress which has a lot of ruffling, creating a nice volume and an added belt to the waist. As for Sofi she is wearing it as a dress also belted at the waist, and added layers of vintage jewlery and pearls, a bomber jacket, and canvas sneakers to create an elegant rocker look.
Make sure to check out Tati's new contest on Sticky Note!

Hope you all liked the pictures and have a great weekend! We'll be sure to post next weekend again


Surprise Dusting

Today we had a surprise snow and to top it all off it is New Years Eve! Sofi and Camille came over to my house and we took some pictures out in the snow. We don't exactly have a theme but we put together some creative outfits. We liked the contrast between white and red.
Hope you Enjoy!

Have a Happy New Year!
Tomorrows 2010!
what a scary thought! We are so used to saying '09 but are we just going to say '10 i guess.

Question of the post:
What is your favorite fashion era and why?
I (Tati) like the 50's
and camille likes the 60's



Pervious Fall Adventures: Camille's Shoot

Sorry for not posting for a while! Sofi and I have both been away during this winter break but I decided to post some pictures from during the fall when we took pictures of Sofi's sister Camille. We will have a post of the both of us super soon!

This last picture I edited on Photoshop. I added a rainbow into her hair at the bottom and a lense flair. Sometimes I like to play around with one or two of the pictures that I take.
Happy New Years everyone!
We will post one with the two of us soon!