This blog is about two best friends spending Sunday afternoons together playing dress-up, taking pictures, and sewing stuff. Enjoy!


Surprise Dusting

Today we had a surprise snow and to top it all off it is New Years Eve! Sofi and Camille came over to my house and we took some pictures out in the snow. We don't exactly have a theme but we put together some creative outfits. We liked the contrast between white and red.
Hope you Enjoy!

Have a Happy New Year!
Tomorrows 2010!
what a scary thought! We are so used to saying '09 but are we just going to say '10 i guess.

Question of the post:
What is your favorite fashion era and why?
I (Tati) like the 50's
and camille likes the 60's



Pervious Fall Adventures: Camille's Shoot

Sorry for not posting for a while! Sofi and I have both been away during this winter break but I decided to post some pictures from during the fall when we took pictures of Sofi's sister Camille. We will have a post of the both of us super soon!

This last picture I edited on Photoshop. I added a rainbow into her hair at the bottom and a lense flair. Sometimes I like to play around with one or two of the pictures that I take.
Happy New Years everyone!
We will post one with the two of us soon!


Hats Galore!

Sofi's mom showed us these hats from her basement that belonged to her grandmother and we decided we had to share them with you! You may see them incorporated into another outfit soon. We actually took these pictures awhile ago...Hope you like them!
I like these two (above) the best. For some reason Tati's camera always makes a lot of sun-spots but I love the way it looks!



First Snow of Winter

It snowed yesterday!! Most of it melted by the time we did this shoot but it was so pretty when it was snowing. (Its hard to believe last weekend we were trekking through the woods in 72 degree weather!)After this light dusting winter has finally hit and it is about 32 degrees F(0 C) so we are getting out the winter hats and mittens. Hopefully we will do more snow posts in the future, maybe even while the snow is coming down! Cam guest starred in this again.
Well, hope you enjoy!

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Hopefully after this, we are going to go back to more vintage stuff because we have have been straying from that a bit. BYEE:)