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First Snow of Winter

It snowed yesterday!! Most of it melted by the time we did this shoot but it was so pretty when it was snowing. (Its hard to believe last weekend we were trekking through the woods in 72 degree weather!)After this light dusting winter has finally hit and it is about 32 degrees F(0 C) so we are getting out the winter hats and mittens. Hopefully we will do more snow posts in the future, maybe even while the snow is coming down! Cam guest starred in this again.
Well, hope you enjoy!

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Hopefully after this, we are going to go back to more vintage stuff because we have have been straying from that a bit. BYEE:)


Courtney O. said...

loveeee the third one. adorable as always ladies!

jckandy said...

Hee hee, I like this stuff. Very fun. And please tell me the tongue-and-pole thing was fake. Honestly, you two, I thought you had better sense than that ;)

Style Bird said...

Love the winter photos!

le_gamine said...

Beautiful blog girls! I enjoyed all of it! Ill definitely be following you! Also im so jealous of this winter shots ... I wish it snowed in AUSSS! Its crazy hot here at the moment!

Check out my blog too if you have a chance!!

Kobi xx

Lia in Strawberry Fields said...

so beautiful! I love snow, I hope it snows here soon:)

The French Doll said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog :-)
Have had a look at your two blogs, looks like you have a lot of fun and the pictures are really cool.
Will follow from now on
French Doll x

valncami said...

yay snow!! what a cute christmas-y shoot! you both look adorable as usual :)

xo, camilla

Krimly said...

lovely blog!
those photos are really beautiful!