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Pervious Fall Adventures: Camille's Shoot

Sorry for not posting for a while! Sofi and I have both been away during this winter break but I decided to post some pictures from during the fall when we took pictures of Sofi's sister Camille. We will have a post of the both of us super soon!

This last picture I edited on Photoshop. I added a rainbow into her hair at the bottom and a lense flair. Sometimes I like to play around with one or two of the pictures that I take.
Happy New Years everyone!
We will post one with the two of us soon!


Marlena said...

Beautiful photos.

Courtney O. said...

WOW that last picture is stunning. well edited too! and the rest of the photos are nice as well=]

valncami said...

god these are beautiful! did you both take the pictures? anyway, i love them! the last one is especially cool with the rainbow and such!

xoxo, camilla