This blog is about two best friends spending Sunday afternoons together playing dress-up, taking pictures, and sewing stuff. Enjoy!


Surprise Dusting

Today we had a surprise snow and to top it all off it is New Years Eve! Sofi and Camille came over to my house and we took some pictures out in the snow. We don't exactly have a theme but we put together some creative outfits. We liked the contrast between white and red.
Hope you Enjoy!

Have a Happy New Year!
Tomorrows 2010!
what a scary thought! We are so used to saying '09 but are we just going to say '10 i guess.

Question of the post:
What is your favorite fashion era and why?
I (Tati) like the 50's
and camille likes the 60's



valncami said...

woww these are fabulouss! like i said before i would love to be able to do a shoot in the snow! you all look so beautiful <3 love the red theme makes me want to have christmas all over again :)

tati: i love the picture of you standing and loooking down at your feet and leaning against the white fence.

sofi: i love the picture of you carrying the book with the electricity wires in the back

camille: i love the picture of you eating snow haha :)

xo, camilla

p.s. tell camille i think shes pretty too:) haha

Camilla said...

This blog is happiness. So following you xxx
Love it so much xxx

Style Bird said...

Lovely! The boots and red coat..LOVE. Happy New Year!

Toothfairy said...

I like the pictures of the snow in black and white! great shot!

happy new year!


My Muddy Tiara said...

great pictures! love the hat on the bottom pic. and favourite fashion era? maybe the 20's, 60's, 70', actually i'll all except (most of) the 90s!

MMT xx

vivalablonda said...


really nice pics! heres cold too but not snowing jajajaaj x) and u both have and incredible background i like it!


Roz said...

Great shoot in the snow, and that red coat is gorgeous! I love the classic shape of it. My favourite era.. Oooh, tricky! I like everythng from the twenties to sixties for different reasons. Each era in that forty years has a different kind of beauty.
Happy new year, and thanks for te comment!

Fabiola "Fab" said...

Love your cloche hat! I'm crazy aobut hats!