This blog is about two best friends spending Sunday afternoons together playing dress-up, taking pictures, and sewing stuff. Enjoy!



Today Tati and I went out to take some pictures, and the sunny weather seemed to be hinting that Spring is on the way!(even though it's still super cold!)

Tati wore a Kiminchi Blu coat from Urban (I bought it on sale for only $20!) and some awesome textured tights with black heels.
I am wearing my Forever 21 buttoned jacket (a resent acquisition that i love!) over Tati's black lacy dress that she's had forever + my Converse. Sorry we've been bad about posting! We did three shoots today and will parcel them out over the week to make it up you you.
Hope you enjoyed!
Tati XO
Sofi -^..^-


valncami said...

very pretty guys! love it as usual :)

<3 xo, camilla

Style Bird said...

Beautiful! xo ava

The Trendy Fashionista said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I gave you an award on my blog. Come check it out.

-The Trendy Fashionista

susie said...

Hi Sofi, you guys need to post something here on material evidence. i can take you to town and we can rummage for material, yay. Anyway i am really writing to ask what happened with the cd i gave you cause emma said you couldn't read the file. what version of imovie are you using? I used the new one although i know many people prefer hd. Let me know cause we need to get emma's film ready. catch up with you soon. sus.