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Black vs White

We finally interpreted a shoot in the snow! We've been avoiding the coldness and trying to escape to somewhere warmer in our minds, but it's starting to melt away. This weekend is supposed to be gorgeous and warm :)
Anyway, Sofi and I decided to incorporate blacks and whites again like our last shoot. She is wearing a jacket from an Urban sale, black cords, and a black shawl from her dress up box. I am wearing an oversized white T (thrifted), white ruffle skirt from Zara, and another shawl from Sofi's dress up box. Texture and contrast were a key in this shoot and we hope you enjoy!!


kobimaree said...

Thanks for the well wishes Tati : ) I am really stoked about the opportunity and I can't wait to post all the excitement up on the blog.

Hope all is well with you and Sofi
Your posts are still fabulous as always


kobimaree said...
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lamia said...

Very nice pictures!!

ellinelle said...

AMAZING ..sooo GREAT photo shoot ..So artistic ..well , you have good imagination girl , I love that kind creativity ..Wonderful ..


Gabi said...

amazingg picturess!!

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valncami said...

love this! you both look so amazing! i also like the play on white versus black :] looks really cool :D

xo, camilla

British Blogger said...

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love the killers song as well

Liu said...

Aww You are so cute!
And nice blog, visit mine if you want and maybe we can follow eachother.

Take care
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Nayantara Sam said...

You both look so pretty! I'm loving the headband and the black jacket :) Please follow me :D