This blog is about two best friends spending Sunday afternoons together playing dress-up, taking pictures, and sewing stuff. Enjoy!


Sunsets and Lace

Today I (Tati) was behind the camera taking some shots of Sofi. We decided to go back into the woods and take some texture shots and experiment with lighting. I love how these came out and so did Sofi. I hope you like them too! Enjoy!

She is wearing a hand-me-down skirt (as a dress) that's from Free People (free), the scarf is the same one from the last shoot from American Eagle (it was well worth the $4.95 price tag!), the necklace was her Grandmother's (inheritance). And the doll was from her Great- Aunt (gift). The idea that she came up with at 11:oo at night and had to jump out of bed to try out : priceless.
* * *
Below is a picture I liked that Sofi took of me while we were shooting. I thought the angling was kinda cool!

I hope you all enjoyed!
We will be posting soon! please comment =]


jckandy said...

Wow! I love the antique doll you put in the was very effective!

Lexi said...

oh em gee, sooOOooOOooooOOooOOOOOOooOO cute.

Roz said...

They are really gorgeous, and I love the effect of the lighting and background in them... Works so effectively.
I think the fifth photo has to be my favourite, the composition of the image is great.
I like the idea of using a china doll too.
Thnaks for the really thoughtful comment, and I think this blog is really promising ;)
So flattered to know that it was partly inspired by me!

Lilee said...

so cool :)

Allie said...

How many years have you been with this? twenty? is a joke, obviously ...
The pictures are very nice ... indeed, I liked very much and the dress is beautiful, I tried one like that, but no, I don't find it ¬ ¬
I was in your friend's blog and found you by herr post where she talks about you ^ - ^ so, as I am curious wanted to see your blog, and I've surprised.
So now, I follow you!


valncami said...

tati! i love the last picture of you that sofi took, so cute and yes cool angle!! and sofi! your dress is beautiful, lovely shall too! the doll's a little creepy but it's okay, i like it! it gives the shoot character!

xo, camilla