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Alice in Wonderland

This weekend Sofi and I (Tati) invited our guest star Camille to be in our Alice and Wonderland photoshoot. We were inspired by the Alice and Wonderland spread in Vogue Magazine and decided to recreate it with our own little twist. Camille was the Mad Hatter, Sofi was Alice, and I (Tati) was the queen of hearts.
After we came up with these fabulous costumes we didn't know where we could take the pictures since the sun was setting on us (again). Then when we walked outside, I (Sofia this time) looked up at the weather vane on Tati's roof and said: "up there!"
Cami and Tati gave each other skeptical looks but they let me climb up there anyway. It was worth it I think!
Hope you all enjoy!

Thanks for looking! Feel free to comment and thank you so much for all your support!


Camille said...

YAY THESE ARE GREAT! this was a fun shoot. :) alice on the roof....oh dare devil...:D


jckandy said...

AH! I was just in a junior drama play involving Alice in Wonderland! And Dorothy, from Kansas, and a bunch of other people. I have a soft spot for Alice. These are great! They're really fun and imaginative. I love it, people! Keep it up!!!

Lia in Strawberry Fields said...

Oh my god! I love it!!!
I'm following this one too:)

skaslow13 said...

love the new theme!!! my sister actually played the queen of hearts in a middle school play! :)

Style Bird said...

Love the photos..beautiful. xoxo ava

valncami said...

hey! sorry i haven't come back to comment in a while but THIS ARE FANTASTIC! much better than ours haha! and i love the adorable little dolls shoes! all your shoots are so romantic i love it!! sofi is a perfect alice and tati looks great as the queen of hearts!!

xx, camilla

jckandy said...

I think I already commented on how much I like this. I'll comment again!

Panda said...

Hey there!! I LOVE these photos, they are so gorgeous! What a great idea, and you both look pretty awesome =) Loving the alice outfit... Oh, and i'm sorry for the delay, but thank you for your lovely comment on my blog - it made me smile!

Panda xx

Courtney O. said...

love these pictures!

le pearl said...

Alice!!! cute as

le_gamine said...

Probably one of my all time favourite movies! You've managed to really capture your own take on this in the shoot, its so pretty and ver well done! I particularly love the ones on the roof!!

Great job!

Kobi xx