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Suburban Outfitters

Is it obvious that we took these pictures in a housing development? Get the title?... Anyway today Tati and I (and my sister Cami) treked through the woods behind the new development near our houses. We were going for a somewhat casual look and I had my camera because not only does it take great pictures but it looks very cool:). When we walked past the three story- identical houses, we found parts of the original estate that occupied the 30 acres of fields and trees. (As I write this Tati is having a laugh attack for no apparernt reason...) We found the remains of a pool and a pet graveyard and a springhouse. The seting was so beautiful and we got a bit carried away with the amount of pictures we took but I hope you like them all.

(I really have to say i am in love with my shoes -Tati)

I am wearing a jacket I found in my attic, a tee- shirt and jeans from dELiAs and my new shoes from Urban, a bracelet that was a gift and there is a LONG story behind the necalace. (Shortened- I won it at the NBC 10 news station...) Tati wore an H&M Shirt, high-wasted shorts from Nordstom rack and shoes from Urban (she intends to return them after this shoot.) and a cardigan from a J. Crew sale. We really hope you enjoyed:D

Post Post:
The story of the necklace
By Sofia
As a young sprout, I went to the NBC 10 news station with my class on a field trip at the end of my eighth grade year. It was a few days before the movie "Confessions of a Shopaholic" cam out. As soon as we walked into the building, past the metal detectors a woman asked if there were any volunteers for a special surprise. Naturally, since volunteering for mystery tasks is my favorite, my hand shot into the air and I held it straight up and looked right at the woman. "You," She pointed at Brinana, "" (I am the second you if you hadn't figured that out by now) Then the tech people gave us earpieces and little microphones and took us outside to two huge blocks of ice with mall gift card inside. Apparently we were going to be doing a promotional thingy where we had to get the card out of the ice (like the woman in the movie does with her credit card.) Oh yeah, and we were armed with a hairdryer and a shoe. An hour later (after being on national television as the little box in the corner!!) they gave us very nice necklaces as prizes (and the mall gift cards)There you have it:) hope it wasn't too ranty.
P.s. I later saw the same necklace in Nordstrom and it was 150 dollars!!!Yay for free stuff!


jckandy said...

I liked the casual air of this shoot! Someday I would like to hear the whole story of the origi of your necklace...

Gabi said...

Hey I love your blog!!! can u check out mine??? and follow!! i willl follow yours!!

Courtney O. said...

these are absolutely gorgeous. who takes all of these? you two or someone else? i especially love the laying down picture. pleaseee keep posting ladies! i love your gorgeous pictures, they are gorgeous & inspirational!

Anonymous said...

I am also in love with those shoes!

valncami said...

so cute guys! love the cameras :) and the lighting is very cool, love it <3

xo, camilla