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Finds from the Past

Hello everyone!
Today was a beautiful, warm day, which could not be taken for granted. All last week was gray and rainy, and when I (Tati) woke up today I was so happy to finally see the sun. Anyway today I biked over to Sofi's house and we went up to her attic to find some vintage things of her moms. We ended up finding two printed skirts and made them more modern for fashion today. Sofi and I both made our skirts into bohemian dress with small accent accessories. I added a gemed belt while sofi added a rope belt and a charming necklace. Enjoy!- Tati
I (sofi)was so happy the way these photos came out! In my outfit, the skirt and boots were from my attic, the nekalace- and great shop on south street called eyes galery and and belt... Good ole' tjmaxx. Tati had on another skirt from the atic that she wore as a cardigan, a hand-me- down dress I had and a belt from a thrift store. I was a more classic "hippie" while Tati had modernized herself a bit. Hope you like the pictures! ~Sofi

These two pictures below are the in the making pictures. Just some little funny bloopers we wanted to share with you. Let's just say walking down dirt slopes in wedges is not all to easy.
I hope you liked all of the pictures from today!


Sam said...

you're both gorgeous, i love the clothes so much

Style Bird said...

Love both outfits!! Great photos too!

valncami said...

aw haha the last two pictures of you guys are cute! i wish i had a good friend to blog with :) i guess my mom is good enough for now :D haha.

tati: i adore that first picture of you! looks like it could be in vogue or something :)

sofi: that picture of you jamping is so sweet! it's so happy and i just love it! also love the 4th pic, the lighting is cool.

keep posting you guys! love all your stuffff! have a great thanksgiving!! and thanks for the comments as always xoxo

camilla <3

Courtney O. said...

hahaha the last one's adorable. you guys are cuties=]

le pearl said...

How beautiful... I love forest shoots <3

jckandy said...

I love all the mysterious shots in the forest! The sunlight in these pics are gorgeous. I love you guys. It makes me want to actually have some vintage fashion sense. I'm a total amateur. I'm still learning. Thanks for teaching!

Anonymous said...

These outfits are adorable! I adore your blog. You have another follower now!

Lara said...

Beautiful photos.
Nice blog.

Mary Jane said...

the outfit is so faery-ish!! lovely post!!
thanks for commenting we should defenately follow eachother! i am already following you hehe