This blog is about two best friends spending Sunday afternoons together playing dress-up, taking pictures, and sewing stuff. Enjoy!


Simple but Bold

It was too cold and rainy to do an outdoor shoot today so Tati and I took things inside. I actually think this outfit suits the indoors well. It reminds me of some fancy cocktail party from twenty years ago. The dress, shoes, and earings actually belong to Tati's other friend Sofia and I just LOVE them!:) We agreed about how simple the dress was but the simplicity is what makes it perfect. We liked how the big earrings and shoes complement it nicely. Enjoy:)
oh! And don't forget to check out the post just before this, Suburban Outfitters. I think Tati and I took some beautiful pictures:)

p.s. If my lips seem pursed in some of the pictures, its probably because the shoes were about two sizes to small and standing in heels is hard enough as it is! Oh well...


valncami said...

really love these angles on these pictures! bravo tati and sofi! and you look really pretty sofi :) love the dress and heels <3

xo, camilla

Courtney O. said...

gorgeous as always. i love those heels! and earrings ohhhh

Roz said...

Great new posts. And I totally understand what you mean about having to move shoots indoors. There's too much rain at the moment for me to even think about venturig outside!
But this definitely works as an indoor location- and great dress.
Thanks for commenting.

Lexi said...

OMG love the post-- and the shoes! The hallway was a great idea.

I wore Sofia's shoes around the house a few nights ago, and they were so comfy!

jessica wu said...


love them soo much


Heini said...

Looking pretty!

Juliet said...

Your blog looks really nice! The outfit is gorgeous!

juliet xxx

Anonymous said...

i love the song that comes on when you go on your blog. great idea to do a joint blog its really nice. X

Janne said...

I love the dress!
and all the photo's on your blog!
I like the pictures with de top hat at bottem the most!
I'm definately going to follow your!
(I hope your can understand my English because I'm not very good in it)
xx Janne

ariela♥ said...

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